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Crochet Support Chicken, emotional support, squeeze away worry

Crochet Support Chicken, emotional support, squeeze away worry

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What came first?  The Chicken or the egg? In this case it was the chicken!

Create your own chicken Support System

This crochet chicken will be there when you need it. The things she can't do are: eat, leave a mess, make noise, or  lay eggs.

But what she can do is let you squeeze away your worries or to give someone special a unique and comforting companion. This emotional support chicken provides cuddles and hugs whenever you need them. Not your average nugget, this is a handmade crochet chicken that will bring lots of joy and coziness into your life.

Egg sold separately.



Acrylic Yarn

Plastic Safety Eyes

Felt Eyes


"Safety eyes" or "child-safe eyes" as they are sometimes called, refer to craft eyes that have a post and locking washer used to "secure" them to fabric crafts. They are then glued with E6000 Glue, which is very strong!
The term "safety" does not imply that the product or related products (noses, plastic parts, etc.) are indestructible.

Although I melt the post after the backing has been installed and I use glue to ensure the two pieces do not detach from each other, there is always a chance that a pet can chew the eyes off the material. Please do not give to children under 3 yrs old or to your pets.

CHOKING HAZARD: Items consist of small parts that could cause choking.

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Returns are not accepted as each item is made to order specifically for you.


Care Instructions

Wipe with damp cloth. DO NOT put in washing machine

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